October 15, 2023

Widget, Purpose Tags, and Activity Creation Redesign

Feature dump of some improvements that will help you use the product without needing to open the app, help you communicate your intent more clearly, and make it easier to post a custom activity.

Origin Story

After weeks of user testing there was a list of some highly requested features as well and some items we noticed you all hacking your way for.


Purpose Tags:

Purpose tags allow you to clearly state your intent for your activity item while remaining succinct. For instance, if you plan to take a walk later, you could set your activity to "going on a walk" and add the purpose tag "Join Me." Alternatively, if you're simply bored and want to chat with someone on the phone, you could use the purpose tag "Call Me." This addresses the issue of users employing the app for various reasons, whether as a means of self-expression or as an actual communication tool. Your options for purpose tags are: Call me, Text me, Join me, FYI.


Widgets now enable you to see who's available to talk and to set your status without even opening the app. Install it on your home screen and have the app just one tap away.

Activity Redesign:

For some time, we received feedback that the activity creation process was cumbersome. There were too many steps involved in posting an activity item and indicating that you were available to talk. We've streamlined the process and consolidated design patterns to clarify the different aspects of posting an activity, including: Purpose Tags, private lists, and the ability to add emojis or images.