September 21, 2023

The neigborhood theory

Imagine being gifted an acre of land in your favorite place in the world with the opportunity to build your own neighborhood from the ground up. Now, picture the possibility of sending invitations to your friends and family to come and reside in this newly crafted community with you. You would have the power to decide who lives where. Who would you choose to be your next-door neighbor—your parents or your best friend? And who would occupy the houses down the block or on the next street over? Consider how it would feel to wake up every day in a neighborhood filled with your chosen neighbors.

Origin Story

At spark, our vision is for people to create their own custom "neighborhoods" where they can keep friends and family within easy reach. We believe you should always feel at ease dropping by to say hello. There should be moments when crossing paths leads to spontaneous conversations. Picture a scene from a classic American movie: Bob heads out to get the mail from his front yard, and on his way back, he greets his neighbors, sparking a friendly chat. This epitomizes what we consider a happy life, and it's the community experience we aim to replicate at Spark. Here, an open invitation to visit and greet each other is always standing.