September 6, 2023

spark calls is live

spark calls is has officially launched on the IOS app store! 🥳 Read up on initial motive for spark calls and what we're trying to achieve with this new product.

Origin Story

We have friends and family all over the world whom we cherish deeply. However, staying in touch can be fraught with challenges. It starts with being reminded of our loved ones and recalling the last time we connected. Then, we must reach out, hoping they're available for a chat, and if luck is on our side, we manage to coordinate a time for a phone call. Managing this with just one person can be a challenge, let alone with numerous friends and family members scattered across the globe. This is the driving force behind Spark Calls: we aim to create a world where it's easy and comfortable to connect and talk with your loved ones whenever it's mutually convenient. We strive to remove the friction and hassle that comes with catching up and deepening those vital relationships.


The Core Idea of the App: Whenever you find yourself with a few idle moments, open the app, indicate your availability with your status and its duration, then await a call.

Activities: Setting an activity is your way of saying, "Hey, I have a few minutes free right now, here's what I'm up to, and I’d love for someone to give me a call."

List: Private lists are a one-directional feature. They enable you to signal to specific people — like family but not friends — that you're available for a chat. This is where private lists prove invaluable.

Feed: The feed is where you can see all your friends and family in one place. Quickly scan through to see what everyone's doing and who's available for a chat, indicated by a time indicator on their profile showing how long they'll be engaged in their current activity.

Profile: The key action buttons on a profile are to call, FaceTime, and text. We've created a frictionless experience for reaching out by embedding the calling feature within the app. The last feature is the history, which lets friends and family see what you've been up to over the week, providing insights into your routine or pattern.