January 4, 2024


Hi everyone! We're Dean and Nick, the founders of The Week (https://week.fyi). We're building a social planner that streamlines the way we organize our social lives.

The Week takes the initial spark of "I want to do this" and transforms it into a plan by allowing others to join in when they're free.

Users can share specific plans and open-ended interests, encouraging friends to join in.

It's about connecting people through shared weeks, not just one-off events – perfect for making new friends in new cities. The progression from a thought to a plan to a shared experience is a key component, with our Purpose Tags helping indicate the nature of your activity, whether it's a casual interest or a specific plan.

We combine the casual sharing of ideas with the concrete scheduling of events, aiming to bridge the gap between saying "let's do this sometime" and actually making it happen. This app helps people looking to expand their social networks, especially after moving to a new city where they might not know many people.