December 3, 2023

Feature update

Some exciting new feature in the next release…. 👀

We’ve been working around the clock, testing and building features that our small test group has requested in preparation for the launch. Our goal for this public launch is to ensure we have all the basic features necessary to meet the baseline needs of our customers. Thanks to this development cycle, we're proud to announce that some highly anticipated features are now officially included in the app, version 3.3.2. Here they are as follows:

⏰ End Time: You now have the ability to set an end time for your activities.

📝 Descriptions + Links: Add a description to your activities to provide more details about what’s happening. You can also copy and paste links directly into the description.

👯‍♀️ Mutuals: We've introduced the ability to see mutual friends, making it easier to meet new people!

🔥 Reactions: React to people's posts and let them know you find their activities fun and exciting!

📅 Gcal Integration: Interested in a fun activity? Now you can directly add social events you discover in The Week to your calendar from the activity's page.

🔂 Repost: Repost your friends' activities and add them to your own calendar. No more manual recreation of activities.

💻 Web App: Share your full schedule with friends via a URL. They no longer need the app to see what you have planned.

You can Download the latest version here: